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"Our music generates positive energy and spirit to our fans"

          -- Ruckatan --

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          Welcome to Rúckatan...

Rúckatan Latin Tribe is composed of seven players who have all contributed to the local Latin Rock scene in the Bay Area and internationally with various Latin, Reggae and Rock acts. Rúckatan is a fusion of Latin and Reggae. Members hailing from three different continents infuse their culture and love of their roots into this new band called Ruckatan, which includes Carlos Elizalde on vocals and hand percussion, Jose Angel Amador on vocals and keys, Blaine Hoopes on keys, vocals and various woodwinds. Derek Rolando on congas & timbales, Brian Camara on drums & percussion, Ray Uribes on bass & vocals. And Carlos Hernandez (Los) on guitar.

The music is very dance oriented with many Latin, Caribbean and World flavors.

 "It’s a Celebration of Life and Original Music"


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