Carlos Elizalde

Carlos Elizalde captivates audiences with his singing, dancing, percussion and artistic style. In his early 20s, he was already fronting some local bay area bands. His Spanish & English vocals and passion for entertaining are what draws so many to him and his Latin, Reggae & World sounds. Carlos' musical talents boomed when he jumped into the Latin scene, where he has showcased himself with top local bands such as The Yardies, Mirage, Bautista, Cantera, La Ventana and now his original project Ruckatan. His music is unique and he brings a level of originality and excitement to the crowds, like no other artists. In 2013 Carlos was artist endorsed by Latin Percussion and with AKG in 2014.

If you haven't yet experienced Carlos' ecclectic talents and pulsating energy,

It's time!


Carlos Elizalde

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